Turning autocomplete off in form development

Recently I ran into an issue where the browsers “auto complete form” feature was butting heads with some “auto suggest” functionality we were developing.

There are two main solutions that I was able to find regarding the problem. One was based in javascipt and the other using an html attribute. The challenge is that the attribute was created by Microsoft and thus is considered invalid (and yet other browsers have adopted it).

Using the attribute is pretty simple, just add autocomplete=”off” and your input tag and you’re golden.

<input type="text" autocomplete="off" />

I’ll be using this method for now and while I might eventually opt for a javascript solution, this method creates the smallest total footprint to make things work.

Google Font Directory & Previewer

In the emerging market of using non-standard fonts in websites (via CSS @font-family) you have plenty of paid options. Two of note that I use quite frequently on projects include Typekit and Ascender Fonts.

The Google Directory

Recently I saw a link (on either twitter or reddit) for the Google Font Directory which looks really great and as a plus is free/open source.

Google Font Directory Logo

The font directory has about 18 fonts, many with different weights & styles available (which google calls variations, silly engineers).

The Previewer

In addition, Google has recently added a previewer service. It allows you to choose and preview a font-family, size, weight, even shadow feature (for newer browsers).

Try playing with these on sites or apps you are working on.